Stamps2Go Tutorial

I’ve created a graphical tutorial illustrating how to easily navigate throughout my vast inventory at Stamps2Go.


When Stamps2Go first opens, you’re viewing my entire inventory in browse mode. By default, only my offerings in the subset Animals:Mollusks:Seashells are displayed. Clicking View a Different Country… opens a smaller screen displaying each country for which stamps are available. Click Okay and you’re ported directly to only stamps released by that country.



Click on a line to view the item’s details. At any time you may return to ALL listings by again clicking the View a Different Country… and selecting ALL.


After clicking on a line for the item’s details, an actual scan of the offered item is displayed. In the section Seller Comments I’ve attempted to place the stamp(s) in context with others that are similar. In the event more than one copy is available, a generic scan displayed. I’ll happily send an actual scan of the desired item by replaying to your request in the Contact form. From this screen, you may return to the original country’s listing or add the item to your Shopping Cart.

All payments to Stamps2Go are handled through the PayPal payment service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay with a credit card. I ship internationally using the US Postal Service. When it comes to shipping charges, everything’s $2 (or less if domestic). Regardless of the number of items purchased, the shipping charge will be $1.00 for in-country purchases, or $2.00 for out-of-country purchases.